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CH Eastern Family’s Lyubima

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born: 21.01.2019
sire: Dastan Du’A Intisar of Eastern Family (OSH n 24)
dam: Eastern Family’s Rada (OSH n)

Lyubima, called Lubcia, came to us in July from the distant Ekaterynburg. As we decided to keep the boy, Giroud and our only fertile queen Elaine was not getting pregnant in spite of several attempts, getting a new female had become an urge. This was not easy in any way. One too expensive, this one with a too-long coat, that one with a weak profile, for another one we were too late…

Lubcia was intended to stay in her home cattery but finally got available. From the very moment I saw her, I got captivated with her long body and glittering, ideally black short coat. As our cats are far from being giants, I decided that I wanted her in our breeding program. And here she is! At first a bit scared, she soon adapted very well to our companion and, after the compulsory quarantine, to our cats as well, especially Giroud that is very friendly with her. Lyubima is a real whirling dervish (she is everywhere) and also a total glutton. She licks butter, steals bread, tends to eat literally all food wastes we leave when preparing our meals. We are very lucky however, that her inclination to food does not affect her body shape. She remains slim and elegant despite huge appetite.

ParentsGrandparentsGreat grandparentsGreat great grandparents

*GH Dastan Du’A Intisar of Eastern Family
OSH b 24

RU*Elst Pizaro Ares
OSH w 64
Tamerlan Elst Pizaro
SIA w 67
Pontiak Indi Ukola
OSH w 64
Omadzhu Simoni Ukola
OSH g 24
Omadzhu Simoni Ukola
OSH g 24
*GIC Lantir Daili Silver Moire
OSH a 24
*GIC Farus Simona
OSH g 24
Sofija Simoni Ukola
SIA g 21
Elfendale Wrangler
OSH n 03 24
*HU Shagio-Chen Dreamer of Elfendale
OSH a 03
OSH n 24
*GIC Farus Simona
OSH g 24
*CH Furore Eastern Modern
OSH a 22
Malina s Krasnogo Yara
OSH g 24

Eastern Family’s Rada

*GIC Ekstasia’s Yvan of Eastern Family
OSH n 24
X-Seven Aisia
OSH b 24
*WCH Rokfor Elfendale
OSH n 24
HU*Okonor Petronella
Ekstasia’s Uzuri
OSH n 24
Ekstasia’s Oskar
OSH n 03 25
*CH Cleopatre du Dois de la Plaine
SIA n 03
*CH Eastern Family’s Yasmine
*GIC Eastern Family’s Asher
*CH Sia-Pride*BY Uno Best
OSH c 24
*CH Ussoff’s J’mai
SIA d 21
*CH Ussoffs Lolita Lempicka
OSH n 03
*CH Xenon Aisia
OSH n 03
Ussoff’s Hitomi


30.11.2019Łomianki, EKKR9Marteinn Tausen, ISEx1, CAC
13.10.2019Białystok, No Problem11Marina Vinkel, EEEx1
12.10.2019Białystok, No Problem11Kristina Rautio, FIEx1, NOM
15.09.2019Warszawa, Jedynka11Wendel Stoop, CHEx1, NOM
14.09.2019Warszawa, Jedynka11Ireneusz Pruchniak, PLEx1, NOM