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IC Dazzling Dido Monichiwa*PL

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OSH o 25
born 29.01.2016
sire: Full Faith Holiday East*RU (OSH b 24)
dam: Mogalo Honeymoon (OSH o 25)

Dido, we call Rudzix at home, is a successor of pure cinnamon lines from the UK. A couple of clicks in the Pawpeds pedigree database is enough to find a seal point siamese Anelida Fair Maid and a sorrel abyssinian Tranby Red Tutankhamen among her ancestors on the mother’s side – a pair, whose mating in the late 60’s introduced a cinnamon gene into the pool of orientals and siameses. Contrary to her mother her father Full Faith is a living proof of the power of recessive genes as there haven’t been cinnamon cats for the last eight generation in his pedigree. Despite that he was a carrier and we could get a couple of cinnamon babies out of him.

Dido is very much alike her mother Mogalo Honeymoon, even if her profile is slightly better than this of her mother. They both have similarily even coat color with beautiful ticking and a fantastic structure. Unfortunately due to repeating pyometra episodes we had to neuter her quite early and she now lives not far from our place with Sebastian and his family. Before, she happened twice to become mother and we got two very nice litters: Flossy and Ginger out of her. A boy from the later one, Ginger Giroud, has stayed with us and thus we will continue breeding with the line that started from his grandma, Hania.

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Full Faith Holiday East*RU
OSH b 24


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22.07.2017Warszawa, Jedynka7Laura Scholten, NLEx1, CACIB
21.01.2017Warszawa, Jedynka7Marzena Włodarska, PLEx1, CACIB
8.01.2017Ostrava, Czech Republic7Henry Hornell, PLEx1, CACIB
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25.09.2016Warszawa, TICAKittensVlada Beninya, RU; Brigitte Berthelon, FR; Jean Marc Lagarde, FR; Asa Broing, SE; Steven Corneille, FR10th Best Kitten All Breed (V. Beninya)
24.09.2016Warszawa, TICAKittensVlada Beninya, RU; Brigitte Berhelon, FR; Jean Marc Lagarde, FR; Asa Broing, SE, Steven Corneille, FR9th Best Kitten Shorthair Specialty (A. Broing)
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25.06.2016Legionowo, No Problem12Marzena Włodarska, PLEx1