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GIP Levis Blue Park*PL, Borys

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18.06.2009 – 27.03.2012
sire: Cekin Ewjatar*PL
dam: Fraszka Blue Park*PL

Our first cat, which, as we believed, should have stayed with us for long years, which unfortunately hasn’t taken place. For few days of his rapid desease (most probably pneumonial embolus) we forcelessly watched him passing by. Sleep well, our lovely grey friend. We’ll never forget you.

We’d been cosidering having a purebred cat long before we got Borys. At first we’d been fascinated by exotic charm of sphynx cats. But then, one day in a weedy garden we stumbled on a beautiful greyblue beast and since then we knew – nothing but Russian Blue.

Borys was our passport to the world of cats’ fanciers. Due to him we joined the club, started to go to shows, enjoyed won trophies and learnt how to bear lost comparisons. There would be no Monichiwa cattery without Borys – a decision on breeding our own cats was a natural follow up of our fascination which started after he’d moved in – the perfect mixture of cat’s beauty and intelligence. It’s a great pity, that we cannot enjoy it longer.

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GIC Cekin Ewjatar*PL

EC Remarque Rosa Glauca *CZEC Opiom de la Mer De KaraCH Kyina Talisker Moujik of Tireby
Jennifer de Tireby
EC La Toya Rosa Glauca*CZEC Chaskara Flashpaw’s DM
EC Noemi Rosa Glauca, DM
GIC LV*Elm’s Cat DarjaEC Masheka Christmas Korgorush*RUSEC Elisej Russina Platinium
CH LV*Mein Herz FeklushaEC WCF Goben de Lanternak Darling
IC WCF Ksjusha

Fraszka Blue Park*PL

EC A*Flashpaw’s Behave YourselfEC Starchild Heartbreaker (TICA)*GC Tylona’s Wild Card
*SGC Starchild Mira
EC A*Flashpaw’s Raising SunEC Chaskara Flashpaw’s, DM
EC A*Flashpaw’s Dream in Blue, DM
Anarrina Wielki Błękit*PLEC Fedot vom Kiskin DomCH Nicola vom Celler Land
IC Agafja vom Kiskin Dom
CH Data Minora*PLCH Amur Błękitna Rapsodia*PL
A-Uliszka Spika*PL
17.03.2012Lublin, LKKR4Marek Chadaj, PLEx1, CAPS
07.08.2011Bratysława6Eric Reijers, CZEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS
06.08.2011Bratysława6Ad de Bruijn, NLEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS
26.06.2011Olsztyn, No Problem6Steven L. Jones, NOEx1, CAGPIB
25.06.2011Olsztyn, No Problem6Eva Wieland-Schilla, CHEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS, BOS
08.05.2011Zgierz, CCL6Steven L. Jones, NOEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS, BIS
07.05.2011Zgierz, CCL6Donatella Mastrangelo, ITEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS, BIS
01.05.2011Zilina6Marie Westerlund, SEEx2
30.04.2011Ostrava6Laura Burani, NOEx2
27.02.2011Mysłowice, DCC6Alfred Wittich, CHEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS, BIS
26.02.2011Mysłowice, DCC6Yan Roca-Folch, FREx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS
09.01.2011Ostrava8Eric Reijers, CZEx1, CAPIB, NOM BIS
08.01.2011Ostrava8Martin Kabina, CZEx1, CAPIB, NOM BIS, BIS
05.12.2010Warszawa, EKKR8Charles Spijker, NLEx1, CAPIB
04.12.2010Warszawa, EKKR10Berta Nemcova, CZEx1, CAP
12.09.2010Warszawa, Jedynka10Steven L. Jones, NOEx1, CAP, NOM BIS, BIS
11.09.2010Warszawa, Jedynka10Jarmo Raiha, FIEx1, CAP
11.04.2010Chorzów, SKMKR11Marek Chadaj, PLEx1
10.04.2010Chorzów, SKMKR11Laura Burani, NOEx1
24.01.2010Warszawa, EKKR11Martein Tausen, ISEx1, BIV, NOM BIS
23.01.2010Warszawa, EKKR11Berta Nemcova, CZEx1