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PR Kind of Kanye Monichiwa*PL “Kokos”

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SIA n 21
born 22.06.2022
sire: Dumbo Biały Lotos*PL (SIA d 21)
dam: Elfin Elaine Monichiwa*PL (OSH o)

We didn’t expect Kokos (‘Coconut’) to stay with us permanently. When it turned out that his new home was planning to return him to breeding, we naturally planned to find a new place for him. Just not right away—there were vacations on the way, and in mid-September, there was an exhibition in Warsaw where I really wanted to show him. But then, definitely…

We were at the seaside when, during one of the phone conversations back home, the bombshell dropped: – You knooow – said Jacek. – This Kokos, he’s so cool. Maybe don’t look for a home for him anymore? Maybe he could stay with us?

I didn’t have to think long. Kokos was indeed cool, our home flock counted only five cats after Hania’s death, the youngest among them, ‘russet’ Simuś, had already bonded quite well with our youngster. The beauty of our Siamese made him a good candidate for a show neuter, and besides, we felt that our home—where practically someone is always present, there are other cats, and organized space tailored to their needs—was the optimal environment for him. The little one returned to us because he was unbearably loud in the new home. With us, except for the first car trips to the vet or going to an exhibition in Białystok, you practically can’t hear him. Therefore, I suspect that ‘this type,’ to feel good, simply needs a greater variety of stimuli or a more diverse environment. He fully takes advantage of it. Kokos is everywhere: on the edge of the bathtub when water is poured for a bath, on the dish rack during dishwashing, on the microwave or on top of the coffee maker when I’m preparing something in the kitchen, on the kitchen cabinets, on the top shelf, on the table, under the duvet, on laps… He sneaks in quietly and discreetly like a snake. He’s a pro at stealing food, and when we put on shoes, he tangles around our legs trying to play with the laces. He loves puzzles and figuring things out. How to remove the lid from the water pitcher? How to turn over the upside-down, empty, small litter box? He can spend long minutes trying to hook the critical spot with his claw. We are absolutely delighted with his relationships with other cats. The readjustment was completely trouble-free: no hissing or lurking. If anything, it was from the side of the cat residents who were shocked by the openness and assertiveness of the ‘new’ one.

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IC Dumbo Biały Lotos*PL
SIA d 21

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13.04.2024Jasionka, TICAAlterAmy Stadter, DE; Maria Bunina, UK; Jean Marc Lagarde, FR; Pamela Barett, AT; Philippa Holmes, UK4th Best Alter All Breed (A. Stadter), Best Alter SH Specialty (M. Bunina), 2nd Best Alter All Breed (J.M. Lagarde), 2nd Best Alter All Breed (P. Barett), 4th Best Alter All Breed (P. Holmes)
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