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IC Mogalo Honeymoon, Hania

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OSH o 25
born 24.06.2012
sire: F* Ray du Siomar*RU (SIA o 21)
dam: IC Mogalo Elsie (OSH b 03)

Hania, coming from Mogalo cattery in Belgium (thank you, Chantal, for this kind and lovely girl!), fullfills my dreams about a cinnamon queen. Light brown orientals originate from abyssinian sorrel ancestors and our ticked tabby (like a decent abyssinian) Honeymoon is a vital proof of this origin.

As the colour is relatively new for OSH cats (it was recognized by FIFE in 1990), cinnamon orientals are usually a little further away from the standard of the breed and even far more so from what is considered a fashionable type than older and more stable colour varieties. Therefore breeding a modern type cinnamon cats is a real challenge for a breeder.

Hania queened two of our litters, Cinni and Dazzling. Then, after a bad infection during her second pregnancy, she was neutered and has stayed with us for further three years. As she’s never felt very comfortable with other cats, we’ve decided to rehome her, but it turned out not to work . She’d stayed in the new home for a fair half a year and was unable to adapt, so she came back to us. The changes in her life had a good influence on her, however. Right now she’s probably having the best time in her life: she has no longer problems with her cat companion, so we don’t have to keep her separated as we used to.



ParentsGrandparentsGrand grandparentsGrand grand grandparents

F*Ray Du Siomar*RU
SIA o 21


P’Rior Taco Siomar*RU
Jangar Bartholomew
Jangar Genghis Khan
OSH p 21
Jangar Temptation
OSH os
CH Jangar Tabasco
OSH qs 25
Jangar Crimson Crusader
OSH ds 25
Jangar Angel Dust
OSH bs 25
E’Ridu Taco Siomar*RU
OSH b 24
Giatsint Nahodka Siamor
Ch. Int. LV*Bua Luang Carro
Ch. Int. LV*Bua Luang Bella Luna
CH Jangar Tabasco
OSH qs 25
Jangar Crimson Crusader
OSH ds 25
Jangar Angel Dust
OSH bs 25

*GIC Mogalo Elsie
OSH b 03

*IC Maramao’s Gwenfor
OSH b 03
Felides Vivres 100Purrcent
SYS b 02
El Shaklan Vae Victis
SYS n 03
Felides Vivres Purrfait d’Amour
OSH b 02
IC Maramao’s Kamikatze
En Tenere’s Batu Khan
SYS o 03
Maramao’s Cayenne Pepper
OSH n 25
*IC Klazeekats Sylphide
OSH bs
CH Shonstar Schooner of Klazeekats
OSH b 23
Kattilan Jay Bee of Shonstar
OSH bs 25
Shonstar Tima
OSH bs 25
Klazeekats Kia
OSH ns 22
GC Klazeekats Kavalier
OSH ns 23
Freelee Szellem Classic Love
OSH ns 24
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