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SNO n 05
born 17.02.2010
sire: Mogimi Akando (SNO a)
dam: CH Cold Arctic Boots Baringa (SNO n 05)

We are very happy to have a cat of this rare breed with us.

Snowshoes originate from the United States and initially were crossing of an old type Siamese cat (currently known as Thai) with bicolor American Shorthair cats and other breeds intended to reproduce the characteristic coat marking: typical color point combined with white socks and white triangle on the mask. The marks are based on recessive genes for color points and on the co-dominant but variably-expressed piebald pattern gene, which makes it difficult to predict the appearance of offspring. It’s the main reason, why, in spite of 50-year history of the breed, Snowshoes are only exceptionally to be found.

In spite of his name Rascal is a charming and humble male. He respects supremacy of other cats (formerly Borys, now Usza), is always patient and caring towards them and very dedicated to home people.

Even though Snowshoe is a shorthair breed Rascal took a lot after his Ragdoll ancestors: not only his extremely soft, silky and thickset coat, but also they way he behaves: he’s quite affectionate and relaxed in temperament and far more so: like a proper Ragdoll he gets limp when picked up.

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Mogimi Akando

GB*Amorousangels Troy
SNO a 05
GB*Coldenufforsnow Whistler
SNO a 05
CH Ferry vom Friedewald
SNO n 05
GIP GB*Coldenufforsnow Claviere
SNO a 05
CH GB*Finecat’s Bella Snow
SNO a 05
CH GB*Bright’n’Breezey Emperor
SNO a 05
GB*Finecats Snow Joke
SNO n 05
Alpinestar’s White Sox Alaska
SNO n 05
Luigi vom Friedewald
SNO n 05
*CH Elton vom Friedewald
SNO n 05
CH GB Coldenufforsnow Mottaret
SNO n 05
GB*Amorousangels Shmi
SNO n 05
Snowangel’s Major of Itsaquest
SNO n 05
GB*Finecat’s Andalucia
SNO n 05

CH Cold Arctic Boots Baringa
SNO n 05

Luziano vom Friedewald
SNO n 05
*CH Elton vom Friedewald
SNO n 05
*CH No-Hei’s Casar on Snowshoes
SNO 05 21
*CH Southpole’s Scarlett
SNO n 05
CH GB Coldenufforsnow Mottaret
SNO n 05
IC Sylvannia’s Mister Marksberry
RAG n 03
GB Coldenufforsnow Elmau Eyecatcher
XSH b 09 33
Mollie vom Friedewald
SNO f 05
*CH Feliks vom Friedewald
SNO a 05
Snowangel’s Hitop Sneakers
SNO n 05
*CH Southpole’s Xshu-Xshu
SNO a 05
*CH No-Hei’s Belle on Snowshoes
XSH f 21
EC Morri’s of Quint’s Cousin
SBI e 21
No-Hei’s Timea on Snowshoes
XSH n 21
30.07.2017Sopot, CCA Sopot17Donatella Mastrangelo, IT1, NOM BIS, BIS
29.07.2017Sopot, CCA Sopot17Thea Friskovec, CH1, NOM BIS, BIS
18.06.2017Gliwice, SMK Żory17Gerardo Fraga Y Guzman, ES1, NOM BIS, BIS
17.06.2017Gliwice, SMK Żory17Marcin Biernaczyk, PL1, NOM BIS, BIS
7.05.2017Warszawa, No Problem17Natalia Sidorova, RU1, NOM BIS, BIS
6.05.2017Warszawa, No Problem17Thea Friskovec, CH1, NOM BIS, BIS
13.10.2013Białystok, No Problem4Anne-Gro Edstrom, NOEx1%
12.10.2013Białystok, No Problem4Helene Reiter, LIEx1, CAPS, NOM BIS
12.05.2013Łódź, CCL4Donatella Mastrangelo, ITEx1, CAPS, NOM BIS, BIS
11.05.2013Łódź, CCL4Charles Spijker, NLEx1, CAPS, NOM BIS, BIS
10.09.2011Warszawa, Jedynka6Steven L. Jones, NOEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS
07.08.2011Bratysława6Ad de Bruijn, NLEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS
06.08.2011Bratysława6Penelope Bydlinski, UKEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS
26.06.2011Olsztyn, No Problem6Donatella Mastrangelo, ITEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS
25.06.2011Olsztyn, No Problem6Alfred Wittich, CHEx1, CAGPIB, NOM BIS
08.05.2011Zgierz, CCL6Donatella Mastrangelo, ITEx1, CAGPIB
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08.01.2011Ostrava10Anna Wilczek, PLEx1, CAP, NOM BIS
05.12.2010Warszawa, EKKR11Wendel Stoop, CHEx1, NOM BIS
04.12.2010Warszawa, EKKR11Karl Preis, ATEx1, NOM BIS
12.09.2010Warszawa, Jedynka11Steven L. Jones, NOEx1
11.09.2010Warszawa, Jedynka11Jarmo Raiha, FIEx1