About us

Oriental and siamese cats – focus on cinnamon and bicolour.

Our fascination about Oriental Shorthair started at cat shows we took part in with our neuters. You cannot overlook them despite the fact that the 4th category e.g. Oriental, Siamese as well as their long hair cousins Balinese and Oriental Longhair is usually not overrepresented there. Quite often early in the morning, when the show is about to start, a strange sound is to be heard from some of the cages: it’s more like baaing rather than miaowing. In most cases it’s an oriental cat announcing how he or she dislikes his/her current position.

The second moment during the show when you cannot disregard Oriental cats is Best in Show panel. They are very loud, of course – as always when they are not keen on what is happening – but they also impress with their elegance and charm: especially with slim yet muscular bodies, long tails and fantastic bat-like ears.

I’m not quite sure, what came first: an initial thought about breeding our “own” orientals or a picture of a sweet bicolour kitten that I found on a webpage of one of the Polish catteries. When looking at him I understood that it was a type of a cat  I wanted to have. The kitten was cinnamon bicolour (o 03) and it took me a while to understand, what I should do to get my own offsping similar to him.

We are, and always will be a small home cattery and all cats are our family members. Our objective is to breed healthy, modern type Orientals – at first mainly solid and bicolour. Our key focus is an upkeep of the rare recessive cinnamon gene – we want all our queens to be cinnamon carriers.