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IC Ginger Giroud Monichiwa*PL, JW

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OSH o 25
born. 1.07.2018
sire: Romeo Orsipetrika (OSH bs 24)
dam: Dazzling Dido Monichiwa*PL (OSH o 25)

Giroud was the first male we’ve ever decided to keep in the cattery and our first own stud – with all its pros and cons. A lovely temper and total dedication to humans on one hand, a characteristic male “smell” and a neccessity to track down for its source all the time as well as his “machismo” presented to other cats, on the other.

Apart from that Giroud was a fantastic show creature. As a kitten he’d deserved a prestigeous Junior Winner title winning five (in fact even six) Best in Show awards before entering the open class at the age of 10 months. On two TICA shows on Warsaw he scored the 2nd and the 4th best cat in a competition of 50. We were also very proud of his behavior when being judged. Whereas most of our cats so far were rather shy, Giroud was totally different: self confident and visibly glad of being subject of interest from so many people. It was very difficult for a judge to write his protocol having Giroud on the table as he uninterruptedly wipes his cheeks against all objects around, including the judges’ pens.

After his show and breeding career was over, we found Giroud a new home in Kraków, where he now lives with Wojtek and a bengal companion, surrounded with tanks with Amazonian fish.

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Romeo Orsipetrika
OSH bs 24

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OSH as 24
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IC Dazzling Dido Monichiwa*PL
OSH o 25

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OSH bs


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