We have kittens!!!


At least we have a litter that decided not to come out in the middle of the night. All kittens we will have in future, please follow!

After the kitten number 1 was born, Dido made a longer break. She took a careful care about her daughter, had naps, walked around the room… As we knew there were many more kittens to arrive, we didn’t let her rest for ever. In the evening we went to the vet to induce the labour and after some two hours we could enjoy the whole litter. Short after giving birth Dido is rather a careless mother – she tries to combine an urge to take care about the babies with her need to predominantly care about herself. Finally she makes up her mind and turns out to be sweet and caring.

Pictures of cat parents as well as the first kitten photo are available on our Kittens page. More information about the litter will come soon.