The Flossy-litter has finally landed!!!


The number of kitten is quite humble, nevertheless we are very proud of them: both are sound and develop rapidly. At the beginning our first-mom tended to treat them a bit roughly, as if she hadn’t believed that it was her and nobody else able to take a good care about the babies. She took every opportunity to leave the nest for a longer while: to get stroked, to warm on a sunny spot or to spend some time with her own mommy, Mogalo Honeymoon. As the kittens loudly expressed their disappointment, she made an attempt to calm them down carrying the most screaming chocolate girl with her. In the first night after the little ones were born, I had to get up several times to take the kitten back to the nest. The day after a real transformation happened: Dido turned into the best and caring cat mom you could imagine. She hardly leaves the nest spending every minute with her babies. Only when they fall asleep, she allows herself a small stroll, but a single scream from one of the kittens makes her at once come back. No wonder that Flossy Fabiola and Fergie (as we’ve decided to call them) both fell well and get bigger every day.

The first picture of both girls as well as pics of the parents are available on our Kittens page. Within the coming two weeks we also plan to update it with individual galleries of Fergie and Fabiola.