Ginger kittens - 01.07.2018

All Ginger are already in their homes. I mean Ginger girsl - as our lovely Giroud has stayed with us to become a the first male to live permanently with us. Of course, we are a bit worried about the "pleasures" of having a boy - like spaying or loud calling, but anyway we are excited. And we also faintly hope for a manifestation of his father's genes - Romeo is quite quiet, does not spay and has a lovely and very friendly temper.

Dazzling Dido





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Gigi / Giroud / Geri / Gemma

OSH b 24 / OSH o 25 / OSH os 24 / OSH bs 24

Gigi lives in Warsaw with Dorota, Robert and another oriental girl, Abi, Geri went to Cracow to accompany Ewa, Tomek, their son Olek and a Devon Rex female Julka and Gemma is in London with Maciek and his Russian Blue Kono.