Lewis and Lando are free again and looking for a new home!


Both lads are, of course, fully prepared to move. Well, let’s say almost ready – because they were supposed to go to the same home, the prepared starter kit reflects that. So, we have one fishing rod (but two attachments for it – with two kittens, its lifespan will be significantly shorter), a double bag of food, and a bed with two names. The possibility of a two-in-one home would be a significant facilitation, but it’s not the only available option, of course. What’s important to us is that each of them finds the most suitable home, as our little ones differ radically in temperament.

Speckled Lewis is like living silver – bold, curious, and omnipresent. The best home for him is one where there’s a lot happening. Lando is much calmer; he doesn’t react as vigorously to new situations. While playing with his brother, he often yields, preferring lounging on a warm radiator over prolonged chases and wrestling. He’s one of those kittens whom we would also release into a home where he’d be the only cat if necessary (although, of course, having been raised in a feline household and having regular contact with the rest of our furry residents, he has no issues with intercat relationships).