Black beauty Just Jojo and Kind of kittens are in their new homes!


First, the exhibitions. In mid-November in Poznań, Koko (Kind of Khloe) made her debut, accompanied by Kim (Kind of Kimberly), who at that time did not yet have a new home. Surprisingly, the “accompanying person” achieved a better result than the one we were counting on. While Koko narrowly lost the comparison to Best in Show on both days (each time making it to the final comparison of two out of four cats, and each time the judge ultimately chose her rival), Kim on Sunday impressed judge Helene Lis enough to receive an easy nomination and her vote in the panel.

Then there was an exhibition in Siedlce, where we again took Koko and Lubcia (Eastern Family’s Lyubima), Jojo’s mom, who had almost half a year since giving birth, allowing her to return to show condition. We decided to take advantage of the last chances for her to complete the International Champion title under eased, “covid” conditions, i.e., without the need to travel abroad but with a greater number of certificates obtained in the country.

Siedlce turned out to be much more favorable for us than Poznań. Lubcia received two more certificates and was nominated for Best in Show on Saturday, where she lost in a draw. In the case of a tie and the absence of a judge with the appropriate authority to break the deadlock, the winner is determined by a blind draw – the draw selects a judge who then indicates the winner, the cat he had voted for earlier. Koko, on both days, received undisputed Best in Show and one vote each in the Best in Category selection.

The culmination of our exhibition journeys was one day in Łódź on Sunday, December 11 – when central Poland was covered in a blanket of snow. The winter (outside) and industrial (inside the EC1 Machine Hall, where the exhibition took place) scenery was not kind to us – we had to settle for Ex1 ratings and Lubcia completing her title.

Simultaneously with the exhibitions, we said goodbye to more kittens. First, the oldest, Jojo, went to a home we know well. Well, we know the owners – the house itself appeared in the meantime. When Elfin Eevee (called Rysia at home), Elaine’s sister, moved in with Iza, Jacek, and their long-haired oriental Leon, they still lived in Poznań. Now, they reside in Tarnów Podgórny near Poznań, in a house with a large (and secure) garden, which becomes our cat’s kingdom in the summer. We hope that Jojo will soon be a good companion for her outdoor adventures.

After Jojo, Kokos left for Rzeszów, becoming the only cat in Patrycja and Tomek’s home. “For now, the only one,” insisted Tomek, vowing not to add another. We hope that nothing has changed in this regard, although Kokos’s mischievous nature reportedly gives the new home a run for its money.

The day after Kokos, Kylie (our “Keks”) set off on a short journey to Bemowo in Warsaw, where she now lives with Iwan and his wife in the company of a handsome Siamese. Then there was a longer break – waiting for the registration of a new breeding facility, to which Kim was supposed to go. Finally, just before the holidays, we also said goodbye to our Siamese, Kind of Kimberly MonichiwaPL, who moved to Mysłowice. Alongside the lilac Siamese Lumos Grande FortunaPL from Dorota Matysiak’s breeding, she will be the beginning of GryfnyOrient*PL breeding program by Marcin Małek. We wish him breeding success and much joy with our cat.

Just Jojo with her favourite toy lizard