We have kittens!!!


Lyubima was the one that started. Early in the morning (the tradition of night births must have been kept) on the 12th of June two cat babies: boy and girl welcomed the world. Both black as their mother despite the fact that Lubcia’s mating with a lilac boy Julbars could have bring us black, chocolate as well as lilac or blue (Lyubima is a dillution) carrier kittens. We counted very much on the latest, as no blue kittens had ever been born in our cattery so far. Unfortunately the boy did not make it – in spite of all efforts: hand feeding, warming, medicines and iv-s he passed away several days later. His sister, even if still a little weak in her earliest days, was more lucky and in the age of 2,5 weeks she is a greedy and vital baby. Her first photos (not the best ones actually – nothing is as difficult as making good pictures of a black cat, especially in younger age, when there is no contrast between its eyes and fur) are available on her individual Just Jojo page.

Finally concerning Elaine…

The expected delivery time of our cinnamon female was Friday the 24th of June. The earliest the 24th of June. The duration of cat’s pregnancy lies between 62 and 70 days, Friday was its 65th day, but the past experiences – both our own and from fellow breeders – confirmed that oriental females usually give birth even later. So when in the middle of the night (of course!) from Tuesday to Wednesday, my older son came to our sleeping room with a communicate that Elaine’s delivery started, we were in real shock. Two babies were already there: one of them already fully cleaned up by the mother, the other one still covered with amniotic membranes. I spend next hour very busy: between gathering all necessary stuff, assembling a delivery box (a booth of a scrathing tree is of course a cosy and nice place to give birth, but not necesserily the optimum one from the breeder’s perspective – in view of a hindered access to mother and babies) and helping Elaine take care of the newborns. Meanwhile two kittens turned into four: three females – a siamese and two oriental shorthair torties (for the first time in out cattery!) and a siamese boy – it’s him on the photo below in a serpentine hug of her mother. More pictures are available on Kittens page.