All Irresistible kittens have already moved to their new homes


First, we said farewell to little Idaho. He did not go far from our place – lives in a Warsaw district of Ursynów with Kasia, Maciek, their 7 years old daughter Zosia and… the own sister of his mother Elaine, Estella from our Elfin litter.

A few days later we kissed goodbye Ivy (an even shorter “trip” to a nearby district of Wilanów, where she lives with Kateryna and Robert) and Iggy. Our siamese boy, contrary to the earlier two, left fat away for Świnoujście – a seaside town by the Polish-German border to join Donata, Remigiusz, their grown-up son Kuba and a lovely Russian blue neuter boy Leoś.

The last one to leave was Ivanka, that again moved to northern Poland, to Tczew to the place of Bogusia, Jacek, their daughter Amelia and two other cats: a house cat female Saba and an Oriental shorthair neuter boy from Czar Orientu cattery, named Egzorcysta (Exorcist 🙂 ).