I am happy to have completed the G-2 course of The Paw Academy!


G-2 is notably more difficult than G-1. It lasts over two months, the content more complex and demanding (G-1 is dedicated mainly to cat owners; cat breeders participate in it mainly to qualify for further two steps, whereas G-2 is predominantly aimed at breeders) and there is no edition in Polish available yet. However there are many similarities to G-1 as well: even though some of the content may be obvious for anyone who has already bred a couple of own litters, doing all homeworks requires a lot of effort. To have an assignment completed you sometimes have to make several amendments or even amendments to amendments to amendments. There are pieces of knowledge on health, genetics, reproduction or color determination easier to deal with, as they refer to our own experiences as breeders as well as the ones more distant and difficult. It’s all water under the bridge – I’ve got my rosette and the name on the list of G-2 graduates. Click to view.