I’ve completed The PawAcademy G1 course!


For the whole November and a reasonable part of December I was busy with what we called at home „the cat course” meaning a G1 course of The PawAcademy. It’s the first step towards a completion of a three-stage cat breeders’ university.


PawPeds, the umbrella of The PawAcademy, is a cat website established in 2000 by a Swede Ulrike Olsson. For the past 15 years it’s become a widely recognized institution for many cat breeders and  fanciers worldwide. Its primary objective is running multigeneration pedigree databases for the most popular breeds (some of them by far exceed 100K records), educating cat breeders about the need for genetic diversity and providing tools for appropriate pedigree analysis. The PawAcademy is a PawPeds subbrand dedicated to education. It’s base consist of a set of articles on different aspects of breeding (genetics, health, history, reproduction etc.) as well as G1-3 course program.


G1 is a basic level course – more for cats fanciers than breeders. Nevertheless dealing with 13 course assigments has often not been easy, even for experienced breeders. Many of them required quite an effort – in-depth understanding and proper interpretation of the course materials or ability to gather and process additional information. Therefore we are very satisfied with the green baner and the place on the list of G1 graduates (to see it click on the G1 baner above) and hope to soon make our progress on G2.